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What's Happening During BREAKOUT SESSIONS?

Women and Money (Monday)

With Pastor Anna Iervolino

Addressing the fear and mindsets that keep us from walking in God's fullness and generosity! Anna has been delivered from a fear that caused her to mis-steward her money, gifts and talents. When the chain of fear was broken, both financial blessing and the advancement of her ministry calling was accelerated.

Youth Breakout Sessions:

The Truth To Your Hard Questions (Youth Guys Only | Monday)

Art Garcia, Sean Hamilton, Cheyne Jackson

The Truth To Your Hard Questions (Youth Girls Only | Monday)

Christina Garcia, Amanda Hamilton, Nicole Stark
There are many hard questions that a young person has about life. During this breakout session, we will be answering hard questions and tackling tough topics such as relationships, cutting, issues at home, addictions, identity, and failure.




5 Keys to a Dynamic Rock Group Experience (Monday)
With Pastor Brett Sturgill
Whether you lead or attend a Rock Group, this breakout will help prepare you for an incredible experience. Come ready to hear how to make that Rock Group a powerful experience for everybody!

Personal Evangelism (Monday)

With Jarrod Davidoff

In this powerful breakout session you will learn practical ways to share the gospel with others. The harvest is ripe!

Israel & The Jewish Harvest (Monday)

With Melva Lea Beacham

Understanding and healing the 2,000 year old rift that has kept the Jewish people from faith in their Messiah.


Youth Culture (Tuesday)

Art Garcia, Kelly Fellows, Cheyne Jackson, Angie Richey

Youth Culture today is constantly on the move. We will hear from some experts on where they believe it is and teach you how to thrive in it.






Where Do I Fit? - Linking Ministry, Rock Groups and Connection (Tuesday)
With Pastor David Dirmann
No puzzle would be complete without every piece in the right place. In this workshop, we will discuss the powerful effect that happens when we link ministry and community together, and how you can find your place in this picture.

Evangelizing Your Public School (Tuesday)

With Jarrod Davidoff

Learn how to evangelize your public schools through planting bible clubs. This breakout will show you how you can be a catalyst to see revival in your school or the school of your young people.

Personal Encounters With Jesus Through Devotions (Tuesday)
With Pastor Tristan Fenholt
There are many aspects to Daily Devotions that can bring you into closer relationship with Jesus.  Learn how to use your daily devotion time to encounter Jesus in a personal and powerful way.

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