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I Experienced The Overwhelming Presence of God

It was the last night of Rock Conference and I was just coming out of a very intense season, both personally and in ministry.

Worship at Rock Conference is something that I look forward to every year because there are extended times in God’s presence that we don't always have in a weekend service. It was in that extended time of worship that I experienced the overwhelming presence of God, His goodness, His grace, and how big He really is. It was our first time back at Rock Conference since we had moved to Michigan. We were in the thick of church planting with transitions on every side and, honestly, a bit of culture shock. Everyone in the church was singing their heart out, the worship team was offering up their praises, and that's when I heard His still, small voice so clearly. He began to speak to me about His own heart for the people of Michigan, the church of Michigan and His plan.

He shared His heart… with me.... any sacrifice I may have thought I was making could never compare with the preciousness of that moment. Little me got to see His big heart for the people He so loved. My heart was undone, the mountains became merely hills, and He had me, heart and soul.

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