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Come With Great Expectation

It’s almost here!!! Every year I look forward to Rock Conference with great expectation and anticipation.

At Rock Conference 2010, the year of The Rock’s 10 Year Anniversary, there was much to celebrate as we looked back at the goodness and faithfulness of God and all He had done in those 10 years. However, in the midst of rejoicing I found myself a bit downcast. I was reflecting on my own journey and having an inner conversation with myself, you know the one? “I thought I would be further along than this, and is this all there is for me?” I was sincerely thankful for what God had done but also conflicted in my heart because there were promises that had not yet come to pass in my life. The years were flying by and I was fearful that I was missing what God had. Can anyone relate to this inner conversation?

During one of the sessions, Pastor Jerry was teaching on the power of the spoken word. He was sharing from 1 Samuel 17, how King David released words as he spoke with Saul, that his words were a setting him up for victory. Somehow, in this atmosphere of faith, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me so personally and so clearly that it overwhelmed me. He spoke, and I wrote…

“Lord, I hear you saying to me…

Arise! Awake sleeping prophet and speak! Speak into your life, speak into the lives of others. The words that you speak in faith I will back and I will not put you to shame. Speak, prophet, speak! Speak what I have promised to you about you and about your family, for surely I will bring it to pass. I need you in these ends times. I will use you and your family powerfully to change the lives of others and increase My Kingdom. Awake and arise, sleeping prophet, and speak!”

It was a simple instruction but the fact that God had spoken it to me made it powerful! This was my God-breathed word from heaven—it exploded on the inside of me. It was like fire shut up in my bones!!! I began to speak into my life and the lives of my family with full faith in prayer. These were no ordinary prayer times, I was speaking with all authority and confidence knowing that the Lord Himself was backing my words!

No matter what is happening in my life, I ALWAYS receive a word at Rock Conference, am filled with hope, receive instruction and have an encounter with God that catapults me to the next level and season. I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store this time at Rock Conference. It’s like Christmas—He has beautiful gifts for us all! May we be a gift to Him as well, as we come together to honor Him, worship Him and love Him for who He is.

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