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Shepherd a City

All of the Rock Conferences have impacted me in some way or another, but to date nothing has impacted me more than Dr. Leslie Keegel’s call to “Shepherd a City.” I am still wrestling with what that means, but the thought of it reminds of me of the phrase in Acts 17:6 that “[Those] who have turned the world upside down have come here too.” Our cities need to be turned not upside down, but right side up, and Dr. Keegel prophesied that it can happen by ushering in the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer, worship, and teaching of the word.

He called us to a new level of prayer—a level of prayer that changed things in Sri Lanka. This new level of prayer would be a prayer chain with prayer going on 24/7 and with prayer walks meant to bring down demonic territorial spirits over areas of our cities.

He also called us to fill empty places with God's holy presence through praise and worship concerts going on all over the place. He set a new standard by telling us as our Prophetic Elder that we are not just called to fill a building but again we are called to shepherd, pastor, and care for a city in Jesus’ name. Wow!!!

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