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My Heart Began To See The Unseen

A year ago right before Rock Conference, I had quite a few unknowns in my life. Both personally & in ministry I was facing uncertainty without a clear picture of what was to come. But I’ve learned in my walk with Jesus, that there are many battles that we can win in an atmosphere charged with faith, full of worship and one Word from God.

There is such power in praise! I will never forget the very first night of our Rock Conference. As the worship began, there was such an anointing in that place; it was palpable to all of us. The Lord began to minister to me and my heart started to be encouraged in Him. By the end of the worship, my heart began to SEE the unseen! And let me tell you, once you see it, you cannot un-see it! That first night, as we declared the faithfulness and grace of God in our lives, my eyes began to focus on His power and His promises. I was reminded that as we magnified God; His dominion is declared over our situation, and He begins to fight for us. But that wasn’t the only thing the Lord had in store for me. That first night as Pastor Jerry started his message “Arise and Shine,” I couldn’t believe how amazing God’s love and care for me was concerning my situation. A few nights before the conference, the Lord had given me a picture of Isaiah 60 regarding the unknowns in my life. He asked me to stop waiting for everything to come into place, but instead to arise and shine in faith, and in turn, He would arise over me. That night, not only did He confirm his Word to me, but soon after that, He was faithful to fulfill His promises regarding our situation. I believe that when we sing and hear God’s Word, our faith is strengthened and we make the enemy shake and tremble with fear. You see, when we choose not to waver at the promise of God, our faith in Him in the midst of a battle is Satan’s biggest enemy. When we proclaim words of adoration and gratitude, heaven is touched and an audience of the King of Kings and Lord of lords is granted. You’ll be amazed at how a combination of worship and the Word spoken with authority has the power to alter our circumstances. Whatever battle of unknowns you may be facing this year, I encourage you to come expectant for what the Lord can do for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive from Him!

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