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I Became Strong & Courageous at Rock Conference

Every year I attend Rock Conference, I receive a word from God that shapes me and infuses me with courage.

In 2014, I had a dream in which Jesus spoke to me about starting churches in St. Louis, MO. It freaked me out! I could not shake that the Lord spoke, but I was struggling to embrace the word and surrender to His leadership.

During Rock Conference, in July of that year, a speaker and friend of mine proclaimed a word: “You are about to do something you thought you would never do.” In that message, the gentleness of God ushered me to surrender. I wept; I repented; I resolved. All fear left; faith was awakened. Not only did I hear God, I also received the courage to follow Jesus. Now, in 2016, I am writing from St. Louis preparing for the Grand Opening of our congregation because God made me strong and courageous.

Rock Conference is charged with an atmosphere of faith. There is an impartation of courage from those who minister by the Spirit. Rock Conference is something that has and will continue to be a time I set aside to seek God and receive vital direction and strength from Him to ascend from glory to glory.

Let’s gather with a hunger for God’s word and an expectation to receive from the Lord.

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