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Move Forward Without Fear

God spoke to me at Rock Conference, during a time of worship, and gave me a word that I was to, “Move forward without fear!”

I didn’t know what that meant to me at the time, but after praying and sharing with my family, I realized that God was instructing me to move to pursue marriage with a beautiful young lady that I had been praying about and getting to know for awhile.

God released me from the fear of making a mistake of choosing the wrong life partner, and He assured me that she was the woman He had prepared for me and that I had been praying for.

Today Kayla and I love each other more and more, we are serving the Lord passionately, and we have a son, Judah, who is such a blessing (and really cute, too)!

Times in the presence of God bring words from Him that are in “real-time” for our lives. I’m so thankful for Rock Conference, and I’m looking forward to more instruction and blessing!

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